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Green Camel B.C.
2-2, HoopIBL - All Star
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Season 45
*Team rankings at time of game
DateOpponentLocationHi PointsHi ReboundsHi Assists
Sun Mar 26
3:40 PM
(67) 5 Green Camel B.C. at Corleone Mafia Family (68) See box score Gym Chris Bailey 29 Chris Bailey 7 Sean Fresko 5
Sun Apr 2
1:50 PM
(51) Pillars Basketball at Green Camel B.C. (53) See box score Gym Frank Bertz 16 Chris Bailey 7 Jamal Lee 5
Sun Apr 30
6:00 PM
(68) A-Team Platinum at 5 Green Camel B.C. (85) See box score Gym Chris Bailey 27 Chris Bailey 10 Chris Fowler 6
Sun May 7
6:55 PM
(50) Green Camel B.C. at 15 Shoot3rs (61) See box score Gym Velle White 16 Jayden HALL 9 Chris Fowler 2


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